Design of the electric distribution network of a family house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This thesis is a guide about how to design the electric distribution network of a family home in a practical way through an example. It shows how to make the necessary calculations during the steps. It introduces the different types of electric power that occur on a typical network of a family home, and shows the calculations and considerations of them. We can learn how to keep the balance of the power on the network, beside the usage is mostly unbalanced. It presents the importance of basic and fault protections and also mentions related standards. Furthermore it presents the working principle of the protection devices and shows how to select the correct device with the desired attributes by calculations. It shows how to define the amount of the fault current and the necessary area of the wires for the intended power consumption. Beyond designing it also shows what kinds of consideration needs to be made during the implementation to keep the quality of the power service and to suit for the EMC guideline. It shows a presentation about the designer software that was used during this composition. Lastly it introduces an easy and efficient development opportunity by implementing a power logic system.


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