Automatization of Home Heating System

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Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In these days those technologies, which provide various solutions for the electrical control of different the heating and hot water supply systems, becoming more and wider spread.

In the first part of my thesis I will analyse the reasons, why the market focus on the heating and the home automation itself in our days. Later on I present two world-wide spread methods for the heating system realisation. These are different only concerning the location of intervention, but still provide different output outcome. I will examine the advantages and disadvantages of both the two systems separately. Based on the statements a new realisation of an inventive solution will be proposed with more adaptive functions that meet better the needs.

In the subsequent points the requirements of the new device will be presented including the not only the engineering, but also the users’ criteria. In the next part I will detail the design and implementation of the devices that serve as the basis of the system. As a first step the parameters of the system to be designed will be defined and also the type of the circuits that are to be controlled by the system. In a short theoretical section the selected types will be summarized and examined as well as the type of the control needed for them. These will be followed by the implementation steps of the planned heating control system – separately the construction of the hardware and software.

At the end of each section I will examine the control logic, parameters, which are needed for that mentioned cycle. The implementation section will be followed by the theoretical side in the thesis. It will contain the steps of the designed heating system implementation, separately the software and hardware part.

At the last of the thesis I will describe my experience gained during the implementation; I will summarize them and define some system expansion options.


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