Energetic analysis of family hose type buildings with KNX system

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

All over the world the aim in building energy is the reduction of energy consumption through the usage of renewably energy, building automation or improving of energy performance of the buildings. Being able to use green energy sources as energy supply requires eliminating the unnecessary, energy-wasting operations. The KNX system provides a solution to one of today’s greatest challenge.

In my thesis this bus system is presented in complexity of a residential house. After the presentation of the standards regarding energy efficiency and bus systems the description of the communication of lighting, shading, heat control systems are one of my main goal. In residential building the presentation of the implemented engineering solutions, sensors and meters for measuring will contribute to understand and improve the quality of building energy through automation functions.

The information and system indicators collected by the different meters and sensors are essential for more energy efficient configuration of the system even during the operation of the building. For this goal a system for the gathering of information should be presented. In my thesis M-Bus data collector and smart meters of the KNX bus are being described. I also present the importance of the energy management functions and the return of the investment depending on the complexity of the construction.


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