Creating comfort functions for a family house with KNX system

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the second half of the 1980s a pretension has drew up as a result of german companies' research for a bus system that can fully control buildings' operation. These companies - which can be found in the most prestigous of european electrical installation technics - has founded an association later, called the Europen Installation Bus Association (EIBA) and European Installation Bus (EIB), called the bus itself. The aim was creating a bussystem which the busdevices are peer and and the operation doesn't require a central computer in. EIBA's task was inter alia to insure manufacturers' products to be compatible with each other and - on the other hand - to prepare standardisation. The EIBA and other companies in the aim of breaking to other markets has started to research a new bus standard, called Konnex (KNX).

My thesis is written about the relevant and important possibilities provided by the KNX building informatical system from the viewpoint of family houses, furthermore presenting the system itself and a house with high level comfort functions, through a concrete example. I will show the different functionalities and connected busdevices offered by the system and the contribution opportunities of those and over and above I would also like to demonstrate the built-in structure of the system by creating a track plan and the bus topology plan.


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