Design of the KNX control of lighting ant shutter in a family house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The application of building automation systems are diversified. The main goal of equipping industrial and office buildings with KNX system is the cost effective operation. Furthermore, the respectable rate of return and the improved physical work conditions are also among the major advantages. The main objective of home automation system is the enhanced quality of life, but due to the cutting edge technology, a synchronized residential building's energy consumption can be reduced significantly as well.

The lighting of rooms plays an important role in a building's electric energy consumption. The users' comfort can be increased by the synchronization of natural and artificial lights with diverse elements of shading techniques. My deep interest in this exceedingly interesting topic made me to select the design of a building's KNX controlled lighting- and shading techniques, which represents the core theme of my thesis.

Before turning to the design, I provided deep insights into the technologies and types of building management system. I made known the possibilities of KNX lighting and shading techniques without considering the building size. However, as I focused on family houses, I developed the functions of the system in line with my intentions. Subsequently, I determined the group of those devices, which can fulfil the required functions. The specification of the KNX devices' functions in each of the rooms was also the part of the design, as well as the configuration of the bus cabling system of the house.


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