Design of the electric network with lightning and overvoltage protection in a family house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My task was design of the electric grid with lightning and overvoltage protection in a family house in my diploma thesis project.

The design started with specifying of the total rate of energy consumption of the whole building. The design contains two kind of method. The first based on metering of the consumption that I made on a house which have same parameter. The another method was the so-called Coincidence factor. The results of these methods were been compared. After that I designed the low voltage electric grid. I created an edition of the below grid with the WSCAD electric designing software. I preferred the power distribution, the mountability and using the protection devices (for example RCD) when I creating of the circuits.

After that I studying the possibilities of lightning and overvoltage protection. A had to define the a lightning protection that based on the building’s parameter and it’s enviroment. Finally I gave some advice to the right overvoltage arrester and limiter devices with harmony the house’s earthing system.


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