Design of the electrical and KNX system of a family house

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The key element of the energy-efficient building operation is the intelligent building control. Intelligent building means bringing the electric, electronic, heating, cooling, shading, lighting and security systems under a common user interface. The theme of my thesis is the design of the electrical and KNX systems of a family house.

The first section provides an overview of the use of bus systems, the development and the structure of the KNX system.

The second section describes the tasks of the design and presents the building plan.

The third section describes the establishment of the building automation system. The plan consists of the design of lighting, heating, shutter control, window opening automation and the security surveillance system. At the end of chapter 3 I give a cost analysis and the summary of the possible developments.

The fourth section examines the development of electrical system by the conductor cross-sectional area calculation, the design of protection against electric shock and the selection of surge protection devices.


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