Development of a teambuilding game in mobile and web environment

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Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the different kind of real-life-adventure and room-escaping games are more popular than ever. These games and events usually take place in a prepared, closed room, or in the nature depending on the kind of activity, in some kind of an “offline” system, using things available only in real life such as a pen, a paper, or a rope.

In our rapidly evolving world the different digital technologies are part of our lives thanks to their advanced communications abilities, rich multimedia interfaces, and the near computer-like processing power that lies within the small bodies of such devices. The cellphones and tablets became part of us so much that one might start thinking why not to combine these devices with the real-life games?

The main goal of my thesis is to create a system that can help effectively merging the benefits of the mentioned digital devices into the adventure games, which might open up new possibilities: the players enrich their lives by gaining new experiences thanks to the varying tasks, while the organizers get help both during the planning and playing phases.


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