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OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

For today's multi-user computer games is a very important thing that a team with we playing together, will be a good, friendly and successful team. It is not all one that we playing in a good successful team with friendly teammates or in a bad team with unfriendly, hostile people. Within my thesis I developed a web application, that are trying to solve this problem with supporting various team-building opportunities.

In my thesis at first I present in more detail the above-mentioned problem, and then I present the online multi-user games in general, concentrated to the World of Warcraft game. Then I show what kinds of integration options are available for the game World of Warcraft, mainly through the system and then in the next chapter I introduce the reader about the application’s features at high level and technology details of implementation. Finally, the reader gets to know about the maintenance and scalability opportunities of my web application.

At that time, when I this web application developed, the used technologies what I used throughout the development were relatively new, like the NodeJS runtime environment himself, on what my application runs, but the LESS and the Bootstrap client-side technologies too. Therefore I introduce the reader about the details of the used technologies too.


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