Design of Beckhoff PLC based honeypot

OData support
Dr. Holczer Tamás
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays industrial control systems are widely used in the industry, because with them the automation is easier to achieve. These systems have full control over the devices of the facility, they can control, configure, supervise them, thus a great targets for the attackers, especially because these are sometimes connected to the Internet as well. At the start these systems did not get too much spotlight, thus there were very few attack against them, but then Stuxnet happened. It was the first widely known attack against industrial systems, which became infamous, so after it the security of these system got more attention. There are many technique to protect these systems, and one of them is honeypots. In this project our goal is to create a honeypot for a designated system. This system contains a controller and an IO-island for this controller. Our honeypot's task will be to deceive the attackers, and make them believe, they attacked a real one. For this our honeypot will have to replicate some functions, services and behaviour of the real one. Furthermore our honeypot will log the attempts of the attacker, and in some cases it will alert an operator.


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