Building a chat application using the PWA platform

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The battle of native mobile applications and mobile optimized websites are almost the same age as the appearance of smart phones. In the first Iphone series, even Steve Jobs thought only web apps are the future of mobile. Then history went a different way than he expected and today it would be unimaginable to have an iOS or Android smart phone without third-party native applications and app stores. The next step in the battle between native and web applications is the appearance of progressive web applications (PWAs). With this technology, user experience on the web can approach native applications while it keeps the web's benefits.

The purpose of a my thesis work is to explore the enormous potential of PWA technology through the development of a chat application. The differences between native and web applications and the new features and trends of web are in the forefront. In addition, the thesis introduces chat-specific issues and their possible solution. Most of the diploma shows the implementation of the completed PWA chat application.

The messaging application consists of two main parts, from client and server side. The essay mainly focuses on the client side, and demonstrates how a web application can be a PWA. In addition, some of the features that are recently released on the web are implemented, which were previously available only in native applications.

Based on the thesis, it can be stated that PWA is a new milestone in web application development. With the many new features, solutions and standards available on the web, applications that meet the expectations of the 21st century can be developed on the PWA platform.


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