Control of an egg incubator

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Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Low-cost egg incubators available are not capable of precise temperature control and their energy consumption is significant, so therefore are not suitable for the needs of high quality yet cost-efficient incubation. On the other hand, equipment with efficient control might allow keeping eggs at a constant temperature ideal for incubation with low energy consumption.

This BSc Thesis presents the design and implementation of a low-cost and energy-efficient incubator system equipped with a high-performance temperature controller. Homogenous heating of the egg incubator is realized by a heating lamp and a pair of fans, while the temperature control is implemented on a microcontroller.

The first part of the thesis presents the physical process. Then the circuit board of the control system is presented, along with its modules responsible for sensor interfacing, control of the actuators and interfacing the microcontroller itself.

The thesis details the process of obtaining a model of the plant by system identification. Steps of data acquisition and model conversion are presented. Based on the model, the procedure of control design is detailed, as well as the implementation of the control algorithm and the HIL-tests carried out on the controller module. The last chapter draws the conclusions and gives suggestions for future development.


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