Microcontroller based control of a wrapper maker equipment

OData support
Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the effectively of the productivity is a key question for both the manufacturers and the end users, because that’s the only way to reach high quality in a cost effective way. The topic of my thesis covers a real industry problem. IMB-Vadkert Kft. is one of the most well known manufacturers of packaging devices. Their request to me was to establish a program what can communicate between the manufacturing device and a graphical display. With this program as a tool, a more efficient communication can be set up between the operator and the device, and in terms of maintenance issues, the unused period of the device and be reduced.

During my work first I had to understand the key mechanical elements of the device, because a warning or error message should be displayed in the graphical display in case of manufacturing issues. The next step was to identify a commercially available graphic card and graphical display, and determine what type of communication channel what is the best way for this special project. The communication was solved by a microcontroller.

During the programming part of the project I was faced with challenges like initializing different parts, and solving the communication between them. In my opinion one of the most interesting part was to establish a log file, what stores every warning or error message, and searching is also easy.

The result of my project is implemented in one of the devices of IMB-Vadkert Kft., and the first device with the new function is already up and running.


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