D class amplifier design

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Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the expectation is growing bigger and bigger against the electronic devices’ energy saving possibilities and compact size. An amplifier with good efficiency fulfill both of these requirement, because of the low dissipation it needs smaller cooling surface so the devices’ size getting smaller.

The class-D amplifiers has the best efficiency, so that also have to fulfill the basic amplifiers’ requirements. Because the speed of the electronic devices are going ahead really quickly, we have the possibility to fulfill these challenges so it is possible to design an amplifier with good efficiency and nice sound.

My thesis is about these high frequency switching amplifiers. I have built and designed an electronic circuit that contains discrete elements, so it makes clear what a class-D amplifier can do with normal semiconductors. I could realize how equal the input signal’s and output signal’s form. I have also built a DSP on the printed circuit board because we can obviously achieve better results with it.


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