Development of a test cell for DC motor safety belt pretensioners

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

With the advancement of the car industry, more and more electronic devices are integrated into our vehicles. The seat belt fastening electric motor is a good example of these devices. These safety critical systems are required to be tested during the manufacturing process. This thesis contains the design of a test sequence, which measures the characteristic parameters of the motor and then evaluates the results according to the specifications.

The thesis explains the design of the production line, the test station’s structure and the expectations of the customer, then, based upon these criteria, it describes the selected sensors and the signal acquisition devices. It details the test station’s electric plan, the measurements’s evaluation software and the screens, which show the measurement’s result.

The realized system can measure the motor’s voltage, current and RPM characteristics, and, in two of the three measurement stations, it is able to measure the loaded motor’s torque and angular rotation as well. With the help of the measured parameters and the adjustable limit ranges, the software can decide whether the device is appropriate to the requirements.


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