Design and create a double rezonant DC Tesla coil

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays more and more people deal with Nikola Tesla’s scientific achievement, building and developing his famous transformer and with the high voltage technology.

I have chosen a project to build a Tesla – transformer which became one of the main equipment of the BME – VET High Voltage Laboratory. You should know previously that I have built a 1.8 kVA DC Tesla Coil with rotary spark gap as my hobby that was the base of the building the huge structure in the Lab. The challenge was that if I could create a ten times bigger equipment that works reliable. The choosing of the 16 kVA power level was because there was a one phase 10/0.4 kV transformer int he Lab.

The first step was testing and measuring this transformer after that I had built the primary capacitor which matched to the output power level. The next step was planning and building the whole metal frame in what I put the transformer and the HV capacitors next I built the rectifier modul. Then the testing of the DC power supply was ready for that I needed a temporary control unit. The next step was making the vacuum diode modul and the charging choke. After the setting up the primary coil I have tested the primary circuit with my primary rotary spark gap and it worked well. Thereupon could come the winding of the secondary coil. At the designing I used my own experiances and designer programs. After I had put on the topload capacitor the equipment worked and the first electric discharges appeared.

The work didn’t stop after the succesful project some of the components were improved. The charging choke and the rectifier modul were changed it was given a new rotary spark gap and the control unit was melted next to the 600 kV transformers’s control unit. At present the new primary capacitor is in progress and we are planning the change of the whole metal frame and developing the vacuum diode modul.


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