Development of a DC/DC converter case study for automotive electronics

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Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, the requirement of comfort and safety requires serious demands in all areas of the automotive industry. One such critical system for passenger cars is the electric steering system. The steering system is responsible for steering the front wheels of the car and thereby change the direction of the vehicle. The electrical control includes more sensors sensing the driver moving the steering wheel, an actuator system such as an electric motor and an electric control unit (ECU) that calculates and controls the actuator motor based on the signals from the sensors. A power supply that provides power to the ECU is essential for the operation. The subject of the thesis is to create a prototype power supply unit designed to examine whether it is possible that the required power for the ECU is produced by a microcontroller-driven DC-DC converter system.

The dissertation briefly describes the types of DC-DC converters relevant to the thesis and also describes the operation of the selected converters. The requirements of the prototype and the planned system will then be presented. During the thesis the operation of the power supply’s hardware and software will be detailed. During the tests, the function and the operation of the prototype will be compared with the requirements defined previously, and the conclusion will be drawn. The power supply includes many enhancement possibilities, the most important of which is to take advantage of the communication capabilities of the microcontroller. These are discussed at the end of the thesis.


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