Implementation of a DNS64 server under Linux

OData support
Dr. Lencse Gábor Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays in the Internet-centric world we are running out of the available IPv4 addresses which can cause significant problems in the near future. This problem is intended to be solved by the transition to IPv6 which has a several orders of magnitude larger capacity of Internet addresses. Since the two protocols are not compatible the transition will demand long time and high caution. The depletion of IPv4 addresses going to cause that new users can have only IPv6 addresses and due to the fact the different versions of IP protocols are incompatible with each other therefore new users not going to be able to reach content of the IPv4 world. In order to establish connection between the IPv4 and IPv6 worlds it is necessary to have a gateway which has both IP addresses and can perform protocol conversion. Although with such gateway the IP connection problem could be considered as solved but the majority of Internet domains have no IPv6 addresses therefore these contents cannot be reached via IPv6 side. The main subject of my thesis focuses on the implementation of a DNS64 server which can provide a solution for the mentioned problem.

In order to be fully prepared to this task, I have studied the theoretical background and I have made a proper review of the literature. This is followed by an implementation of a network application which although was not a part of my task but with using this I could introduce lots of parts of the operation which I use in the main program. Then the design considerations have been described followed by the user and programming documentation as well as the testing results of the final software. I have made the finished software named MTD64 accessible as a GPL v2.0 licensed open source code in GitHub repository.


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