Design of a DSP controlled Forward converter

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my master’s thesis I present the design and implemantation steps of a DSP controlled forward converter aimed for my own use.

To understand the operation and to choose the corresponding structure I describe in details the necessary theoretical basics. This includes the theoretical background of forward converters and the functionally associated buck converters. In addition the choke and transformer design will be presented.

After the theoretical overview I show up the design phases of the hardware corresponding to the parameters determined in the specification. This involves among others the design and selecting of the power stage’s components, the cooling considerations of semiconductors, the voltage and current sense circuit design. After that I explain the main design aspects of the printed circuit board.

In the upcoming part I detail the implemented control methodology and then I summarize the operation of the embedded software.

At the end of my thesis I introduce the activation and testing of the device including the elimination of the encountered problems.

Finally I evaluate the work I’ve done and I recommend some methodes to improve the quality of the converter.


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