Development of a DSP controlled fluorescent lamp inverter

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Futó András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My task was to design and develop an inverter, which is capable of operating a T5 8W standard fluorescent lamp, using an input voltage of 12V. This includes the production of the accurate operating voltages and currents of the lamp, setting up of the control of the inverter, and calculating the parameters of the components of the circuit.

I start my thesis with literature research, where I explain the physical and electrical parameters of this fluorescent lamp type, then I examine what methods can be used to produce the necessary electric parameters for the lamp operation. After the selection of the circuit topology, I calculate the optimal values of the components. Where it is possible, I purchase the chosen components, and if it is not possible, I design and construct it. This is why there is a section in this thesis about the construction of a transformer.

After the parameter calculations I explain the control of the circuit, which is done by a DSP. Then I describe the schematic layout of the complete circuit, where I explain the operations of the auxiliary circuits for the processor and the main circuit. Afterwards, I introduce the PCB design of the schematic- At the end, I describe the controlling software, then I explain the testing and the measurements of the complete circuit.

Finally, I evaluate the final work, and I explain what improvement options can be developed in the future.


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