Installation and measurements of DWDM equipments

OData support
Dr. Gerhátné Udvary Eszter
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The author of the thesis became acquainted with the field of dense wavelength division multiplexing systems development and the basic idea of these systems operation during research literature. In addition he acquired knowledge the part of these kind of system building blocks and the modules technical expectations.

One part of the task was the installation of a Cisco ONS15801 DWDM system, which arrived from the Hungarian Telekom to the Optical and Microwave Telecommunication Laboratory. Before the installation he had to solve the system placement and create working environment. Belonged to this task to ensure power supply, optimal temperature stabilization and provide the condition of handling the system with management softwares.

The next task after the installation was the commissioning of the system. When the optical parts of the system were connected then there was the installation of the management softwares and creates the connection between the PC and the DWDM system.

After this, he made the telecommunication certification tests to show the system is operating within the technical standards. These measurements concerned the modules input and output performance level and the accuracy of the information transmission.

The system provides an excellent opportunity to get knowledge about DWDM systems for the students. The thesis proposed possible measurements which are might be useful during a student laboratory.


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