Application of DeckLink Studio Interface Card for Studio Purposes and Broadcasting

OData support
Mócsai Tamás
Department of Networked Systems and Services

With the introduction of HD video broadcasting and the spreading of wide-screen television sets a problem arose, how we can assure the correct aspect ratio upon displaying the content on different screens. To solve this task an analog (WSS – Wide Screen Signalling) and a digital (AFD – Active Format Description) signalling standard was introduced, which can be embedded into the broadcast. These signals can control the displays' video processing by defining the useful area of the incoming pictures. My task during my Thesis was to get familiar with and implement these standards on the DeckLink video processor and interface card made by Blackmagic Design Inc. I introduce the interface standards available on the card and show an overview of the SDK (Software Development Kit) provided by the makers of the card.

The implemented demonstration software has the following features:

*Parsing WSS/AFD signals from SDI input

*Creating SDI output stream, embedding WSS/AFD signal into it

*Overriding WSS/AFD signals in loop mode (the output is an incoming SDI stream)


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