Design and build of a Delta robot

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Dr. Stumpf Péter Pál
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The purpose of this project is to design and build a laboratory sized 3 DoF, translation only delta robot, that is capable of executing basic pick and place tasks, thus demonstrating the kinematics of parallel robots. The process starts with studying the inverse and forward kinematic solution of this type of a structure, and deducing all required equations of the mechanical system. Next a simulation is being created, that implements these algorithms, and also does the trajectory planning. After this all design considerations are listed based on requirements and constraints, then the created CAD model is being demonstrated. The physical realization of the structure and the necessary circuitry is followed by the description of the final user application, that sends the actuating signals, while handles human interactions, without completely utilizing system resources, and keeping the interface responsive. Ultimately the topic is wrapped up by drawing conclusions regarding the viability of the created robot.


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