Devloping Demand Driven MRP based material requirement planning system

OData support
Beluzsár János
Department of Electronics Technology

In my Thesis Project I present the Demand Driven based Material Requirements Planning system and it’s all phases, then I show how to design the DDMRP Planning phase in C# programming language.

First of all, I demonstrate the general structure of the DDMRP system and then I explain the details of the five phases in separate sections with special attention to the differences between DDMRP and the standard MRP.

In the beginning of the next chapter, I present what tools I used and how I solved the implementation of the Planning phase. Then I show the development phases in detail in the next subchapters.

In the first section, I show how I planned the database for my application and I present how to upload my sample data to the database and what kind of sample data was used.

In the next section, I show how to design the framework and the user interface which will support the Planning phase algorithm.

After it, I present the implementation and the operation of the DDMRP algorithm and I compare the DDMRP and the standard MRP results based on the same data set.

In the last section, I suggest proposals to the further develop which based on my experiences and achievements.


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