Developing a Demonstrator Application for Introducing Operating System Functions

OData support
Dr. Micskei Zoltán Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Understanding the algorithms taught in the area of the operating systems can contribute significantly to the development of an engineering mindset. This way the student can realize the usefulness of the implemented solutions and can also analyze the system of conflicting demands and criteria. Because of this reason the number of tools visualizing the operation of these algorithms is continuously increasing. In this work I am also developing a tool which can meet the previous description.

In the introductory chapters principles already implemented in existing applications are defined and analyzed. The tasks related to this work were specified and adjusted to the demands of the Operating Systems course at BME. This requires the presentation of algorithms and metrics as well as the issues relating to them. After describing the topics which should be left out of the implementation process the detailed planning process is described.

Next, the most important design patterns utilized in the applications were presented. In the course of the monographic introduction of the construction and operation of the application, the most important reasons leading to the adopted solutions were summarized. A short summary about the technologies used by the development and about the reasons leading to their usage is important as well.

At the end, the evaluation of the developed application can also not be forgotten, where not only my opinion is stated, but the experiences of students with basic knowledge about the operating systems is also presented. Taking this feedback into consideration I summarize how this new demonstrative application can be improved in the future.


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