Design of an active power cycler for technology demonstration

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Dr. Ress Sándor László
Department of Electron Devices

The aim of the thesis is to demonstrate the implementation of an electronic device capable of executing and controlling an active power cycling hardware related end-of-life test method regarding the relevant technical documentation and theoretical basics. The paper summarizes the process of choosing the appropriate microcontroller unit that will be the basis of the development and gives information about the chosen MCU's advantages and disatvantages as well. The design process, the testing and debugging of the embedded software that carries out the power cycling will take place within the application designed for the microcontroller system. The final chapters are dedicated to the presentation of the developed test procedure's results and give conclusion from the evaluation of the method's accomplishment. Further development states and possible improvement ways are also described thoroughly, regarding the possibility of the occurrence of problems and errors yet unknown and the ones surfaced during the testing procedure of the embedded method.


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