Developing a foreign exchange trading software for .NET and Android platforms

OData support
Dr. Mészáros Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to the fast spreading of the Internet, the banking sector has gone through a huge transformation in the recent years. The less-known or previously closed facilities have been opened for the public, and new sources of income have been arisen for the average people.

One of these days very hyped option is the international foreign exchange market, to which numerous broker companies provide access and platforms. However, most of these technologies are built on platforms which were popular in the 1990's, so they provide limited facilities and thier cost of redesinging is enormous. To avoid these problems I used up-to-date technologies to develop a product line for trading on the foreign exchange market.

The provided solution consists of three main components: a central application server, a mobile client and desktop client . The webservice is written in the Java language, which is based on object-oriented modell, so it ensures an easy way for further development according to the new requirements in the future. The server communicates with the clients via HTTP web services. The desktop client displays information about variety of exchange rates, furthermore it can display the historic exchange rates on diagram as well. It is possible to add various indicator lines to the graph, thus increasing the succes of the trading. The presentation logic of these lines can be edited within the development environment of the program, so the opportunities are limitied only by our own knowledge. The program is able to trade on the foreign exchange market and it also includes the usual options, such as the „Stop Loss” and the „Take Profit” mechanism. In addition, the integrated development environment provides the possibility to develop automatic trading robots. The effciency of these robots can be tested on historical exchange rates.

The mobile client was written on the Android platform, which constantly conquering the market of mobilephones. This is a simpler application that displays the exchange rates of currency pairs and it is also able to present the rates on a graph.

The implemented product line and integrated development environment provide new and better opportunities for traders in the development of robots, thus they can be more successful in trading.


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