Design and development of modeling and data analysis software for diagnostic purposes

OData support
Dr. Marosits Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Abdominal aortic aneurysms are considered as one of the leading causes of death, since their rupture almost surely has mortal consequences. With the help of modern screening methods they can be recognized in an early phase and can be treated surgically, although it is a highly risky procedure, requiring the most accurate decision supporting tools.

The aim of my master’s thesis is to design and implement a modelling and data analysis framework that is capable of controlling the simulation of the blood flow based on geometries extracted from time-varying spatial raster data in the ANSYS environment and exporting the pressure and shearing stress distribution exerted on the wall.

The thesis can be divided into six major chapters. In the first chapter I introduce the most important reasons and facts that make the thesis task legitimate. In the second chapter I describe the technologies and techniques that have been developed for aneurysm screening. I touch upon the numerical methods that are used to solve similar physical problems and I also show how these methods can be utilized by economical or financial applications. In the third chapter I focus on the practical aspect of the thesis task by planning a framework that satisfies the specification and I also present a testing plan in the fourth chapter to ensure the proper functionality of the solution. In the fifth chapter I present the results of the implementation and, lastly, the most significant results of the accomplished work are summarized in the sixth chapter.


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