Development of a Diagnostic Gateway Module for Electric Bus Vehicle Control Units

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The purpose of my thesis is to introduce to the reader a protocol used for on board diagnostics and to introduce the realisation and operation of the software implementation of a prototype gateway with the aid of a developed tester application.

In the thesis I cover the basic level introduction of the protocols that are needed for carrying out the implementation (CAN, SAE-J1939). It is essential to get acquainted with the structures of the SAE-J1939 messages used for diagnostics, to know that there may be both single packet and multipacket messages, and it is also needed to know the diagnostic messages that were realised during the implementation belonging to the SAE-J1939 application layers.

In addition to this, the reader may have an insight into the Modulo bus family that was developed by the Evopro company group, and he may also get acquainted with the topology of the electric network had has a key importance from the aspect of preparing the gateway, and the properties of the specific units.

In the course of introducing the implementation I introduced the application programming interfaces (APIs) that were used. I covered in more detail the realisation of sending and receiving the multipacket messages that are critical from the aspect of implementation. Modular software development was a key aspect when the gateway and the tester application was designed, and therefore in my thesis I first introduced the specific modules that were made, and I covered the design of the specific parts of the gateway and of the tester only afterwards.

And finally, you may read in my study about the testing of the system that was made and also about the proposed further development opportunities.


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