Diagnostic methods for the inspection of composite insulators

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Dr. Göcsei Gábor Róbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

One of the most important part of the electric power system is the insulator. This have to separate the different potential parts of the power system. If they have a kind of failure, they should be replaced, which causes a problem for users supply. Furthermore, it can also cause serious damage to property. So the most important aspect is that these insulators can operate failure-free over a long time of period.

My thesis is about the composite insulators. This is a new kind of insulation, so it is important to know how long-term use is possible. In the first part of my thesis I present these insulators’ application places, their structures, their failure characteristics and different testing methods. The next section focuses on my own measurement’s results. My goal was to develop a measurement procedure, which is able to show a certain failure. In addition, the test method can also indicate if the measured insulator can be further used as a network element. After the conclusion, I hope that we will see, that measurements were right, and we got the right results, and we can decide that is it the perfect direction of our research.

End of my thesis, I searched other articles about this failure of composite insulator. In closing, I tried to find the best solution to avoid this problem. Hopefully, to keep these recommendations, the failure could be eliminated.


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