Designing of dialysis data acquisition and control system

OData support
Dr. Kollár Ernő
Department of Electron Devices

An acute dialysis machine has more than 60 sensors and 20 actuators. Their signals need to be collected and in some cases processed. My task was to examine the architecture of a dialysis machine, and to design a replacement for the obsolete data acquisition cards.

A dialysis machine is a safety-first product. To ensure the speed and the accuracy of control processes, the data acquisition cards must have appropriate performance, and they must forward the data measured by the sensors of the machine with sufficient accuracy. However, since we are talking about a market product it is also very important to achieve all this cost effectively.

In order to find a suitable alternative to the current data acquisition cards, it was important to get acquainted with the structure of the machine. I also performed bibliographical and market research to find an existing solution that can serve as a basis for the new system. With the help of simulations I examined the effect of increasing the measurement accuracy of the system on its control processes. After selecting a platform I built a test module, and implemented the control function, so I could verify that I chose an appropriate tool to solve this task.


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