Control system integration of differential-drive robot

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Nagy Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The BUTE Department of Automation and Applied Informatics has been developing differential-drive robots for years. These mobile robots take part in various research projects of the department and also participate in Eurobot international robotics competition to which BUTE first launched a team in 2003. According to the experience gained during the last years the team decided to redesign the whole hardware and software architecture of the robot for the 2015 Eurobot competition.

The thesis begins with a brief overview of the Eurobot contest, including an outline of the current year’s competition rules. Next we give a detailed introduction of both the existing and the new architectures covering the main differences between them, followed by a short description of the robot’s mechanical design. Then we move on to testing the components of the distributed control system. Finally the high-level software is presented, which enables the robot’s autonomous path planning and collision-free navigation.


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