Control System Design of a Differential-Drive Mobile Robot based on ARM Cortex-M3/DSP

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Nagy Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Mobile robots are highly widespread nowadays, however a major part of the researches in connection with them still focus on how they can move (plan a path and follow a path) independently.

The main subject of my thesis is to discuss the path following control methods. There are a great deal of techniques, of which I introduce two in details. The first one is the most commonly used PI-PD control algorithm, while the other is a predictive control method, called MPC (Model Predictive Control). The latter is not a general solution for path following primarily because of its high computation cost. However, due to the great advance in microcontroller development in the last decade, this problem seems to disappear, thus predictive control methods for path following problems became highly researched.

In my work I expound the control algorithms in general, while the implementation, the tuning, and the testing of the controllers are realized in a differential robot, or in a simulation environment for a differential robot. In the last chapter I install a distance measuring sensor unit on the robot, making it able to avoid obstacles during the path following process.


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