Supporting the Development of Digital Applications

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I showed the structure and design of a product development supporter system, from the market research, through the creation of functional specification unto the software implementation.

The system provides a surface for data recording and its visualization, helping the work of product manager, thus the product strategy is transparent and well communicated. The system assists in recording the requirements of the product, the product purposes, the functional requirements and the connection between the aforementioned. It is also able to set the elements values and costs, and through their connection the impact on each other. This means that the system is perfectly able to demonstrate the unique impact of each element to another, and the impact of the changing environment.

The system is a modern server-client based web application. The system is fully written in Typescript. The system is using Graph4J graph database, Node.js framework at server side, and Angular at client side.


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