Digital audio patch bay

OData support
Dr. Márki Ferenc
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The topic of my thesis is developing and implementing a professional studio equipment. This is a continuation, completion, and improvement for a previously written project.

The purpose of the instrument is to manage electronic and optical digital audio signals: to distribute them, and to convert them into different transmission media. It has 16 in and outputs: 8-8 of TOSLINK type optical connector, 4-4 AES/EBU (AES3) in a TASCAM D-SUB 25-type connector, and 4-4 S/PDIF coaxial type connector.

The device’s housing is a 19” 1U rack unit, and needs 5V external power suppply. Push buttons found on the front panel are to control the instrument. It is able to store and recall 8 settings, also by using the pushbuttons.

The whole unit is controlled by a PIC type microcontroller: the readback of the pushbutton-status, the LED control, the save and recall method to it’s self memory, and the communication with the matrixing unit via the I2C bus.

The signals are managed by a digital crosspoint switch matrix integrated circuit. The input signals are first converted to a common type of electronic signal, and on the way out are converted back to the desired type of transmission media, because the circuit handles electronic signals only.

The device was designed to the sound studio of the telecommunication department ’HIT’ by the local requirements and needs.

In this thesis I resume all the results of the previous thesis, while these are essential to understand my writing and final design stages of the instrument.


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