Analysis and concept system developement in view of the digital and HD transition in regional TV systems

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Mócsai Tamás
Department of Networked Systems and Services

According to a survey, 46 % of the hungarian households had at least one HD capable television in 2014, and this ratio will probaly keep growing in the future. However, this technology can only be used entirely if we play HD resolution videos on this devices.

The digital television transition has begun many years ago in Hungary, in which both the television companies, broadcast industries and viewers had to make developments. The bigger TV companies have already improved to broadcast in HD, even if not all day. The budget of a regional TV did not let them to change immediately, however it is possible to make cheaper, entry-level HD system these days, therefore more and more company invest to this development.

In my professional practice at Studiotech Hungary Ktf., I got the chance to participate in a construction of a development like this, so I planned to take up with this subject in my thesis. Thanks to the company, I could get an insight view of their previous projects, and I am going to analyse three of them in my essay.

As a result of this analysis, I would like to get an overall picture that what kind of system can be made of a smaller TV’s budget, and what is the general requirement of a regional TV. I am going to investigate the switch of the implementation, the happenned faults, and the availability of future improvements, because the future-proof technology - besides the quality and reliability - is also important view-point of a system’s design.

After the analysis and the settled system requirements I would like to make an ideal system layout for a general regional television, which will show them the right direction in making an HD video system nowadays.


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