Redesign of the controller unit for a digital holographic microscope

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of the thesis is the redesign of the Digital Holographic Microscope’s control unit which is under development at MTA SZTAKI. During the redesign I made a control unit capable of controlling lasers in impulse mode, driving DC and stepper motors and switching valves. I made a program for controlling the unit from a computer and this can be easily implemented into the DHM software.

In the beginning of the development I examined the old control unit, and tried to find out what modules should be changed. I analysed the lasers if they can be driven in pulse mode and the camera of the DHM can be synchronized with them.

In the next step I have chosen a microcontroller and I get acquainted with its development environment. I have broken the task into small pieces and slowly made the code that can control the lasers and the camera.

For controlling the stepper motors coil currents I have chosen a dedicated integrated circuit, and implemented the signal controlling in the previously chosen microcontroller.

I also integrated the DC motors signals in the microcontroller and I kept the power electronics from the old control unit.

Finally I started planning the printed circuit. First I got to know the printed circuit designing software called EAGLE, and then I planned the schematic. In the planning process I was correcting the upcoming problems. This is how a new circuit was made for producing the 24 V. After the schematic was finished I planned the printed circuit board, generated the GERBER files and I send them to the PCB manufacturer.

The new control unit is communicating through USB with the PC and capable of controlling three pulse mode lasers and a camera all of them synchronised, driving two stepper and two DC motors, switching eight valves and reading four digital sensors data.


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