Analysis of Network Requirements for the Vehicular Digital Twin Concept

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the concept of an innovative cyberphysical

concept, the digital twin's use in the automotive industry. To test this, I created

case studies that can provide an effective support to achieve optimal operation or to

carry out appropriate reactions. For each case, I looked at the critical parameter that the

network should provide for proper operation.

At the beginning of my thesis, I conducted literature research on the currently

available network implementations and their technical background.

After obtaining the general picture, I have compiled various measurements of

the critical parameter determined by the cases, measuring the roundtrip time, according

to the examined technologies.

In my thesis, I highlighted the widely used automotive communication technology

the CAN bus, from which it is easy to get information about the current state of the


With the results of the measurements made, I determined what kind of network

technology should be used for feasibility.

My thesis concludes with a summary of the work done and acquainting future

prospects, with a long-term vision.


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