Consuming digital infostreams on Windows 8

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays people have to deal with loads of information from multiple sources, which is becoming really hard to be coped with. It is vital to process this pile of information fast, precisely, efficiently so gaining competitive advantage in many fields of life.

In my thesis I observe the most common sources of information and the opportunities that different technologies offer to process them. After analyzing the basic methods of processing each information source, I specify the common features I will use to build my application. Later I walk through the user interface I designed for the Windows 8 application I wrote in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript language. The software aggregates RSS feeds and tasks and lets you categorize these info streams. I walk through all the difficulties that the implementation have hold and I also present my solutions.

I highlight some of the key algorithms I have used in my program. At the end of the thesis I analyze the further options for developing the application.


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