Inetrfacing digital compass to mobile robots in LabView environment

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

I showed great interest in the control engineering, so I would like to choose a topic which is related to it.

The topic of this thesis work was to install an on-board digital compass to a mobile robot platform. That compass being able to determine absolute orientation is capable of assisting different sorts of positional tasks, so it serves as an essential part of the sensor system of mobile robots.

Completing my thesis I've got the opportunity to get to know the operational system of the digital compasses. The installation has been carried out using National Instruments hardware components and LabVIEW software environment. The DaNI mobile platform together its single board RIO hardware is used, real-time code generation is done using the FPGA and RT modules of LabVIEW. An overview of these components is presented in the thesis.

After studying different options, the CMPS03 compass module is selected, purchased, tested and wired to the hardware. The LabVIEW environment is modified to incorporate this new sensor and its optional calibration.

A simple orientation control is also realized once the compass sensor worked properly on the robot.

I should esteem my thesis useful on the basis of its benefits that have been added to my professional advancement.


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