Digital mammograph teststation development in LabVIEW environment

OData support
Dr. Fehér Béla
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The performed task within the framework of this diploma thesis was to design and develop a new test system which is going to be implemented in the production process of digital mammograph. During the analysis of this task I have investigated several options in order to implement the most optimal solution. Finally a complex system offered by National Instruments was selected. This provided both the required hardware basis during the design, and the support environment for software development, the LabVIEW.

During the system development first I selected the hardware modules that were needed for the necessary measurement and control functions, then the operating software was programmed. During the software development I had to acquire new specific knowledge on the LabVIEW system, which is a data controlled graphical programming environment.

One part of the measurements realised with the new test system was the analysis of thise parameters (current, speed, position) that are running through the internal CAN bus of the mammograph system. Another important task of the test system is to conduct vibration diagnostic of the equipment. For this task I have studied the general relationships of the vibration analysis as well. Using this theoretical background I applied cepstrum analysis in the test system, which can be used to decide if the equipment has any problem – mostly this means deficiency in bearing – or it passes the test.

The realised test system has got several useful characteristics; one of the most important is its easy expandability. The modular structure of the hardware basis and the expandability of the software make it easier to fulfil any new demands or requirements.

The introduction of the new developed test system into the production process of digital mammograph is going on.


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