Digital scale for industrial applications

OData support
Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

There is a need in several manufacturing process to measure weight. For this

purpose you can buy multiple types of weight cells, but the analog signals of weight cells

is rarely useable with PLCs or PCs. In this thesis I present a device which digitalize the

analog signals of the weight cells.

In the 1. Chapter I write about the project in detail. Beside that I explain what the

purpose of the project is.

In the 2. Chapter I examine the existing products on this field. This chapter

contains the examination both of the digitalizing units and the weight cells.

The 3. Chapter contains the examination and selection of the A/D converters. I

write also about the principles of the measuring.

The subject of the 4. Chapter is the hardware design. Here belongs the schematic

and the printed circuit board diagram.

The description of the embedded software takes place in the 5. Chapter.

In the 6. Chapter I describe the operational principles of the computer

applications, and I also write down the manual of the PC applications here.

In the 7. Chapter I present the test results of the prototype, ant the 8. Chapter I

mention the possible developments.


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