Digital oscilloscope

OData support
Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

With the evolution and revolution of FPGA technology it became possible to build a relatively cheap and yet powerful oscilloscope. Because of this, on the market we can find a few manufacturers, who offer oscilloscopes with embedded display and PC based oscilloscopes. In our spinning world there are situations, where none of the two solutions above is suitable, we would want a device which is even smaller and more portable. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet. The solution is to build an oscilloscope, which utilizes the display of these devices.

So, the primary goal is, to design a modern, integrated, high speed oscilloscope, which beyond the usual interfaces (USB, Ethernet, HDMI) has a wireless module, and it can use this to transmit the data to the display.

The secondary aspect is, that it should be modular, to make it possible to adapt it to special requirements:

• 4CH analog

• 2CH analog + 16CH digital

• 2CH analog + 2CH signal generator

• 3CH analog + 1CH signal generator


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