Hardware and Software Development of a Digital Oscilloscope

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In electrical engineering one of the most important measurement device is the oscilloscope which can be found in every laboratory. Due to their high prices desktop oscilloscopes are not widespread in home applications. However nowadays portable, displayless oscilloscopes are more and more popular due to their compactness and low price. They possess all the services and accuracy to serve in even more serious projects. Displaying the sampled signals is the computer’s responsibility which causes greater cost efficiency, because there is no need for a built-in display in the device. PC oscilloscopes are starting to catch up with similar priced desktop oscilloscopes in number of provided services and quality.

Nowadays PC oscilloscopes are getting more and more popular. These devices don’t have any displays and because of this their prices and dimensions are smaller, yet they have all functions needed in home applications.

The topic of this thesis is to presentate the designing procedure of such portable oscilloscope. The device should be able to communicate with a computer or smart phone via radio uplink and should provide every basic functions. It is recommended to choose the computer as the primary display device as it can provide higher resulation than a mobile phone. During the design, careful considerations must be made to ensure good performance and cost efficiency. With the proper alignment of perfomance and cost efficiency one can build a reilable and yet cheap device for home usage.

During the realization I gained a lot of experience in analouge and digital harware desing and computer user interface design as well.


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