Oscilloscope development with mobile phone integration

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Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays one of the most agile and inspiring technological improvement can be found in the mobile device industry. These so called smart, easy to use, affordable mobile devices have the capabilities of difficult calculations and displaying the results as well.

Digital oscilloscope is the one of the most important measuring instrument in the electrical engineering field.

This gave the idea creating a digital oscilloscope with no built in screen but design a client software which runs on several smart devices. The choosen mobile platform was Android. This document describes my thesis work.

In the first section I summarize some of the most known features of today's oscilloscopes, and the reason this concept is viable. This part describes the system design of the concept.

The second part of this document containst the hardware and its firmware design including the detailed hardware and the software componenst.

The following section completes the work with the detailed design of the mobile client sofware.

The last part summarize the conclusions and gives a feature list which could make this project more flexible and effective.


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