Managing digital contracts on blockchain platforms

OData support
Klenik Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Since the popularity of bitcoin, many blockchain-based platforms appeared with the possibility of running code ("smart-contracts") on a distributed, trustless system. As digital contract management is an area where trust is required between the business and the consumer, the robustness, security, privacy and trust expectations make it a suitable domain for adoptation over blockchain.

The thesis proposes a concept of a digital contract manager solution on blockchain platforms by investigating existing technologies and description methods for digital contracts. As the contract related actions are 18\% of the sales cycle in average, an improved solution can impact on the effectiveness and cost of the business, which can lead to leverage. The trustless contract handling could allow transparent and immutable binding agreements between the participants, which can further enchance users engagement towards the corporation. On the other side, the reliability and security of the blockchain platforms can take the burden and development costs away from the business. The concept development begins with the description of the contract management process (BPMN) and data (XSD). The executable "smart-contract" will be generated manually by following the defined mapping rules.


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