Development of a digital room thermometer with a wireless temperature sensor

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Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The industrial field of the embedded systems and the microcontrollers are growing very fast. There are an increasing number of fields where the „intelligent” devices appears, for example in household electronics, car industry, multimedia devices, medical devices, and last but not least in building automation. The purpose of my thesis is to get acquainted with this sector of electronics, while I design a room thermostat and a wireless thermometer.

In the first part of my thesis I present the process of designing a thermostat. I show in the reasons why I chose the specified components, how I designed the schematic of the circuit, and how I created the device. I mention my mistakes, and my experiences. In the next part, I present the functioning of the embedded real-time operating systems, and then I detail the behaviour one of the most often used operating system, the FreeRTOS, and then I wrote about what services the FreeRTOS can offer.

The next two parts of my thesis are about the software development. I explain the working of the thermostat, and its realization in this chapter. I detail the process of the temperature measuring and the control. I described the working of the display control software, the wireless module, and the USB handling.

In the sixth part of my thesis I show the wireless sensor and its software. Last but not least I shortly explain the development environment, and my experiences.


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