Design of a digitally controlled RGB LED driver circuit

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Marosy Gábor Elemér
Department of Electron Devices

The essence of my thesis project was the realization of a lighting system consisting of digitally driven RGB LEDs. In the first chapter of my thesis at hand,

I briefly summarize the history and the main properties of different types of LEDs.

This is followed by a detailed description and investigation of the possible driving methods taking into consideration some simpler and more sophisticated ones.

As LEDs can be driven by current, Chapter 4 is devoted to how the light intensity of LEDs can be controlled by the current. It also treats the applications of this intensity control related to the driving methods of LEDs discussed in the previous point. Chapter 5 considers the possible digital control methods.

Chapters 6-8 contain a detailed description of the different stages of circuit design, beginning with the system plan, then moving on to the selection of specific components and finally reviewing the design of the printed circuit board using the computer software Altium Designer.

The last Chapter concludes the thesis by an overview of the setup phases of the circuit, including the soldering of components onto the board, and the development of the appropriate programs together with their installation.


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