Designing of a digital controlled switched mode power supply

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my thesis project I present how I designed and constructed a digitally controlled synchronous DC/DC buck converter. The completed converter can be controlled by a Windows application, that is implemented to PC. Most of the parameters of the converter are changable, setable according to the user’s claims. Among others these are the output voltage, the reference signal of the output current, the parameters of the controllers, the overcurrent protection.

In the first phase of my work I defined the detailed specification with my consultant, we determined the parameters of the power supply. After the specification I created a system plan, in wich I defined the function of each one unit, chose the suitable tools for the designing. My work contains also hardware, embedded software and PC software, so this is a complex system.

I started the hardware development with designing and sizing the part of the power supply, that makes the physical conversion. I made simulations for works of the auxiliary circuits, such as the overvoltage protection and the overcurrent protection. I created the PCB design, after its producing I sweated the choosen components onto that. The activating of this unit I passed right after that.

I programmed the embedded software to the choosen microcontroller firstly with the main functions, I completed that with the extra functions just after the test of the system. The primal functions of this unit are to make contact between the control on the PC and the hardware unit, to sample, and to attend the works of the control.

Since the PC application is continually in contact with the microcontroller, thus the designing of these both I made in parallel. I programmed a well working Windows application, which contents the user’s claims.

Within the confines of my thesis project paper I exposit the buildup in system level, and review the works of the units. The completed system I divide to three parts, which are dissociatable physically, too, and I discuss them in chapters apart.

To sum up it could be said, that I achieve the whole working system, thus the user can foolproofly control the DC/DC converter from PC with the sets which are sufficient for its.


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