Dynamic DNS service developement

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Due to the global spread of the Internet and the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space, nowadays the demand for dynamic DNS services is higher than it ever was. With their help, regular domain names can even be resolved to dynamic IPv4 addresses, that are assigned by the Internet Service Providers, making it possible to remotely access a computer from anywhere on the public network. However, currently available services on the market are mostly governed by profit oriented companies, often rendering their use uncomfortable or cumbersome to further incentivize users to make additional payments, to overcome these shortcomings.

This document describes the planning and development of a similar system, that is freely and publicly available for anyone to use. It presents the original problem and its root causes, reviews the advantages and disadvantages of some presently available solutions on the market. Drawing the conclusions, it continues with introducing the reader to the planning and development of a new system through the identification, development and configuration of necessary components, resources and tools. Naturally, the resulting service does not attempt to satisfy every potential requirement, but it is nevertheless able to simply, reliably and transparently provide its functionality in accordance with the specifications, with an emphasis on the user experience.

The serviceability of the methods and approaches described here is not limited only to the creation of a DDNS service, but they can prove to be useful during the development of any similar system.


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